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09 January 2012

Few final touches done ...
Installed the front spindle puller
Also put on new Fork Protectors
Nearly as new
Fork Protection Stickers and new Hand Guards
and the little KTM Fender Pack

22 January 2012
Last thing for the Bi-Annual Road Test.
In Switzerland and Germany the EXC is restricted to 17PS (16.8BHP)
This is done with a special screw that limits the movement of the slide in the carb.

Clean with Brakecleaner and Air, remove the two screws
tilt the carb a bit for better access
remove the Hex Screw that holds the slide to the lever
and replace it with the special screw

It restricts the movement to about 1cm. Doesn't give much fun this way. No Power at all ...... but easy and quick to change back ;-)


2nd June 2012

After the trip to the French Vogese Mountains the right fork leg started to leak. So best to give both legs a bit of maintenance

1st: locate the Front of the bike :-)
2nd: remove Front Wheel
3rd: put fork leg on bench
3a: fix it in a vice
4th: unscrew top and drain oil, if possible in bucket not the workshop
remove the top, pull out the spring and the little tube, remove the plastic washer
warm up the outer tube to easily remove the dust cap
remove the security ring and dust cap
heat the tube a bit more in the area of the oil seal and pull the outer tube off the leg. Then discover you have to stop to get new bushes as the old ones are quite worn................... to be continued once spares arrive.

17 June 2012
The last weekend were occupied by other social events so first chance to attend to the forks

New bushes, the dealer first meant that you can't get them separate. But after I insisted they came ...
Made up tool to get the seal and busches into place. Plastic gutter pipe innner diameter of 48mm :-)
All back together, filled to the brim and the piston pumped a few times

sucktion bottle with a rubber grommet set to 112mm for creating the airchamber. Usually is 120 on EXc and 100 on SX I went wor the golden middle ish
All back and ready to go on the bike

quickly did the other one. Helps if you have all the parts ;-) Oil was heavily contaminated with water

all back in bike ready to go play in the dirt again

14 August 2012

A bit of practice

Went to Odenheim Germany for a Saturday afternoon practice on the MSC Odenheim Track, Dusty!
On Sunday we went to Kensingen in Germany for a bit more ...
Than got hold of a 13L Tank ans Seat in an Auction

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